My Experience

  • 7 years working as an expert in Men's Sexuality/Addiction & Boyhood Trauma.

  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

  • Apprentice and Executive Staff at The Allender Center - providing onsite assessments for men in recovery and program advancement for lay and professional counselors. 

  • Leading the conversation in understanding the male experience of trauma and abuse. 

Before attending graduate school I spent 4 years working with men who had histories of sexual abuse, while at the same time mentoring and leading pre-adolescent boys through identity development. Since graduate school I have been able to bring these worlds together by focusing on how our childhood experiences of masculinity impact our adult behaviors and experiences - including sexuality. I have experience working with straight, bi, and gay men who struggle to integrate their full selves with their relationships, sexuality, and spirituality.

About Me

Chicago is home. But for now, I'm a proud Seattle transient. I love this city and I'm grateful to get to do the work that I do here. I'm a city boy at heart with a new affinity for mountains and salt water. I moved to Seattle after working for 4 years with men who were buying and selling sex. I quickly realized that I needed more understanding and training to better sit with the complicated and painful stories of the men I cared for. This work is my passion and calling.   

I believe that no therapist can take anyone further than they have gone before. I have sat on the other side of the therapy room, I have wrestled with my own story, and more than that I have tasted freedom and community the more that I have fought to show up to the truth of who I am.