Worried about your son?

Of course you are, that's what good parents do.

I have spent the last 7 years working with boys, teen guys, and families who needed help learning how to navigate the life of a boy. What I have found is that there are so few places for boys to learn how to feel, how to connect, and how to communicate their inner worlds that lead to healthy relationships. 

Instead, many boys end up being cast aside, confused in their emotions, and then developing unhealthy and perhaps even harmful ways in order to make sense of their pain. 

Boys can be tender, too. 

I help boys feel safe enough to share the parts of their hearts that they often feel like need to be guarded, hidden, or protected. 

Because as a culture we do not do a good job of letting boys have emotions, a lot of the times they end up learning how to hide.

They build masks to protect their own vulnerability. 

I want to help your son learn how to unmask in order to live with strength and vulnerability. 

Boys need counseling, too. And there is no shame in that. 

Areas of Focus:

  • Anxiety & Depression - He's got big feelings but doesn't know what to do with them. 
  • Transitions - Divorce? New School? Moving?
  • Acting Out - His behavior feels out of control. 
  • Disconnection - You just can't seem to connect to him anymore. Why is he shutting everyone out?