I help boys and men unmask the shame, fear, and loneliness often hidden behind unwanted sexual behaviors. 

Porn addiction, extramarital affairs, and buying sex can wreck a marriage, ruin a job, or keep you stuck. Sex can be addictive, compulsive, or even benign. And if that is your struggle, then you know that there is more to the story than just your behavior.

You are more than an addict and your story matters.  

In my research and clinical experience, I have found that sex and intimacy are often divided. Let's work on building the bridge within your own story. 


Counseling for Men

Individual counseling for men struggling with sex, intimacy, and relationships. 

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Does your son need help? I offer play and talk therapy for boys ages 8-18.

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Every month I send out my thoughts on porn & sex addiction, trauma and abuse, and what it means for boys and men to be healthy and thriving in today’s culture.