Your Story Matters

If you are doing things that you wish you could stop or things just feel off and you don't know why - there may be stories in your past that could help us understand why you do what you do and feel the way that you feel.  

Our stories shape our behaviors

Therapy allows your story to be heard without judgement, without pressure, and without the demand to perform. 

The more that you let your story matter the more freedom you have to create the life you so deeply desire. 

Will you let your story matter?


Areas of Focus 

Porn & Sex Addiction

Relationship Problems

Anxiety & Depression 

Sexual Abuse

Issues of Masculanity 

Men in Counseling

I have a passion for- and experience with- helping men better connect relationally and sexually.

I specialize in working with both sexually abused and sexually addicted men.

Many men do not consider their heartache to be traumatic or abusive. And yet, the reality is that no one escapes harm. 

I have found that the more that we minimize, dismiss, or avoid our pain, the more that we act out, hurt, or harm. We become obsessive, compulsive, and addictive. We hide our pain and in doing so, keep those we love the most the furthest away. 

I want to help you learn to thrive in your relationships, in your sexual life, and in your spiritual life. 

Boys in Counseling

I also specialize in working with preadolescent and adolescent boys who are looking for a place to be seen and known. Boys need spaces and places to struggle with identity, relationships, mood and behavior. I offer a nonjudgmental, kind, and challenging environment to help strengthen and identify who it is that they want to be in this world. 

Learn more about counseling for boys. 


I provide a free 20-minute phone conversation to see if we might be a good fit.

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  • 50 minute session for individuals - $135

  • 70 minute session for couples - NO CURRENT AVAILABILITY (email Matt to be added to the waiting list)

  • Weekend intensive packages and long distance sessions available for those outside of the Chicago area.

My practice is mostly private pay, however I am paneled with BlueCross BlueShield PPO.

If not in network, a receipt of payment and services is available in order for you to submit for Out of Network benefits. All other fees can be paid by either cash, check, credit, or HSA.

*** All clinical sessions are billed and supervised by Agave Studio of Psychotherapy & Spirituality***