Resurrecting Boyhood 

Resurrecting Boyhood is a 2 hour workshop for men ages 18 and up. This workshop helps men reconnect to the stories of harm that have shaped them. Many men do not consider their own sexual harm as abusive or traumatic. This leaves many men on cycles of addiction and patterns of unhealthy relationships with spouses, children, and coworkers. 

Utilizing collaborative teaching, imaginative exercises, and storytelling, this workshop will free stuck and unseen men to be able to play again. 

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Organizational Consultation 

I provide consultation for institutions and organizations in order to help them better understand men and the stories of shame that they carry. 

I have worked with non-profits, churches, and private schools in understanding the particular implications of how gender and trauma intersect when dealing with boys and men struggling sexually and relationally

1 in 6 boys will experience sexual abuse by the age of 16. Another study shows that most men (over 62%) report adverse childhood experiences of physcial, sexual, and emotional abuse. 

Gender norms, family systems, and bad theology leave many abused boys feeling confused and conflicted, unable to rectify their story with their bodies, their feelings, and what it means to be “a man.” I help your organization better address the issues that has the boys and men in your community bound to shame. 

Consultation is customized to need and time. Please contact Matt at for more information. 


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